About Me

Hi. I'm Olivia.

I love to make cool stuff.

I write about the things I care about, the questions I ask, and the experiments I do. That means there’s a pretty broad range of subjects here.

Some of my favorite questions that I’ve answered are things like: What does it mean to really live? Why do some speakers instantly grab our attention while others don’t? Can everyone really change the world?

And then there was that time when I made 5 infographics in a week. And that time where I tried writing everyday for 30 days. And that other time when I asked a bunch of strangers stupid questions.

Regardless of the content, my goal is to be real, engaging, and deep. I challenge myself to document answers to the questions that matter and learn the things that make me feel alive – whatever they are.

Want the technical details? Here’s the short version: I’m 20, a college opt-out, self employed, and live in the beautiful city of Atlanta.