My Project of the Week

This week, I am taking on a challenge. Officially, it’s a week long portfolio project for Praxis, but to me it’s an excuse (or maybe a kick in the pants) to create something that I’ve always enjoyed consuming. I will be creating five infographics over the next week, exploring a few of my interests as topics and maybe taking on some fun ones as well.

Why have I decided on this particular project? Well, after brainstorming some projects, I realized that this was the only idea that I was getting excited about, the only one that I had a bunch of bullet points under. And for me, that’s the signal that I need to pursue it. They probably won’t be perfect to begin with, but I’m excited to learn more about elements of design in addition to gaining some knowledge about the topics I’ll be creating the infographics about.

Additionally, I will be using a different free online platform to create each infographic. This will give me the opportunity to try a few different options and decide which I like the best for potential future use.

I will post each infographic here on this blog along with a short review of the website I used to create it.

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