YOUR BRAIN ON STORY – Infographic #1


This is my first infographic. I enjoyed making it and used the free service Piktochart to create it. The user interface was quite nice and easy to figure out. At the beginning, it has a simple instruction page that layers over everything and as you go, it gives some more helpful hints.

One thing I liked about it was the guides to help you align your elements as you move them around. It also seems to have a fairly well stocked graphics library for being free.

The only thing that I will complain about is the occasional lack of responsiveness. There were times that I was trying to move something around or edit an object and it took me a while to get it where I wanted because it kept snapping around into places I didn’t want it. Nit-picky I know, but felt I should say it anyway.

Overall, I was pleased with the process and the platform.


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