The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Memes – Infographic #2


Infographic 2 out of 5 done. This particular one was very fun for me to make because of the content, though it was hard to narrow it down. I’m finding that to be a common theme so far. Even though this is only my second time making an infographic, I’ve already found that I always want to put a lot more content in than fits and looks nice.

I used Canva to create this infographic and I must say I have very mixed feelings about this platform. There were some things that I loved. But, there were also some things that drove me nuts. More on that later.

One thing I really like about Canva is that they have soooo much more than just infographic templates. You want to make a website banner? They’ve got a template for it. You want to create an album cover? Done.

The interface is quite nice to work with — no complaints here. They also have quite a few free elements (pictures, lines, bakground, etc.) to work with and more to upgrade for a dollar or two.

BUT. There were several things that started to get annoying after a bit. I actually ended up signing up for the 30 day free trial of their “Canva for Work” ($12.95/month) just to change a few important things that it wouldn’t let me do in the free version. Let me explain.

Probably the biggest for me from the start was the lack of custom colors. They give you a palate (full of not so great colors) in addition to the colors that are in whatever template you choose. After I signed up for the free trial, this changed, but by then it was too late.

The second thing that I didn’t like and the main reason I upgraded was the lack of resizing capabilities. As I was working, I found that the template was too short for all the content I wanted to add. Slightly annoying to say the least.

Overall, this is number two on my list of two free services, although it has some very nice features.


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