Apple vs. Android – Infographic #4

This one was super fun to make and is probably my favorite so far. I also used a joy of a website to create it – called Venngage. It was easily number one on the list – except for one glaring issue that I’ll get to a bit later.

The first and best are where this website excels is it’s user interface. It’s smooth, responsive, consistent, and easy on the eyes. There are a lot of free elements that you can use organized into many different categories as well as quite a few templates for infographics to choose from. There are of course, many more for premium users, but that’s to be expected.

I had no complaints at all until I was all finished and tried to export it. Then, the horror, the free version does not let you export it in any capacity. Every other website that I’ve used allows you to at least export to one or two formats, withholding a few more for premium users. Venngage is not one of those sites. Additionally, you pay $19/month for the premium version, with a higher tier above that. Thankfully, after a bit of research, I found that they do offer a 14 day free trial of Venngage Education which is basically their premium version that allows usage in the classroom. I signed up for that, exported my infographic, then promptly put a reminder in my calendar to cancel my subscription before those two weeks run out.

If I don’t take into account that one quite glaring issue, this website was first on my list. But with that, I’m not so sure. It definitely sinks lower on that list though. Unless I need to do some pretty heavy duty design work in the future, I think I’ll stick with Piktochart for now.

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