How to Google Like A Boss – Infographic #5

It’s the last one! I used to create this. A little bit of a different format here, but it shook things up a bit.

I was excited to try this website as is was consistently in top ten lists of free infographic makers. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed at all. This was with no doubt number five on my list.

First of all, there were only a slim handful of decent templates available. The rest were not that great at all. The user interface was a bit glitchy at times, though I suppose it got the job done.

Again, just like the templates, there simply wasn’t a lot to choose from when it came to pictures and elements. There were also a grand total of 24 fonts. I must say that I really like my fonts, but even for someone who doesn’t this seems like a very small selection.

Overall, this website was a bit of a pain to use and I won’t be using it again.


In a few days, I will be posting a post on what I learned through this experience, along with the compiled list of the design websites that I used. Stay tuned!

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