The Stingray and Why We Should Worry – Infographic #3


This time, the free design website that I used was called Visme. I wasn’t too impressed with this service, so it goes number three on my list, closely behind Canva. They do have a decent array of templates and a pretty good amount of free elements that are available, but the user interface felt a bit clunky throughout. For example, for certain images/elements, you are stuck with a locked aspect ratio for resizing them. If you want to stretch them horizontally or vertically, you are out of luck. But for others, you can resize both with a locked aspect ratio and without one.

Moving things around was smooth sometimes, but when the website decided to snap the object into alignment with other elements, it could be a bit jarring at times. It took some extra time to try to get around this and get the object to exactly where you wanted it. This further added to the overall feel of clumsiness.

The one thing that I really liked about Visme was the graphs you can input. I wasn’t able to use them with this infographic simply because of the content, but there are quite a few options for free. The two other services do include graphs and charts, but there are fewer free options.

There are a lot of other things that Visme can do, one of which was animating objects and adding sound, but I can’t speak to those features because I didn’t have the use for them.

As with all of these websites, there is a premium version which gets you more elements, the removal of the watermark at the bottom of the image, and more exporting options. To me, however, it’s not worth the $10-$19 per month that it version costs.

Overall, I probably won’t use this service again to do any design work.

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