My Week of Rejection

My heart feels like it’s going to literally jump out of my ribcage because it’s pounding so hard. And I’m not even doing anything more strenuous than walking through Walmart. I take a deep breath and tell myself that I can do this, then walk up to a Walmart employee restocking meat.

I take a deep breath and tell myself that I can do this, then walk up to a Walmart employee restocking meat.

“Excuse me, could I borrow a hundred dollars?”

The woman stared at me for a split second. I’m not really sure what she was thinking, but she said, “Maybe if I had a hundred dollars.”

I have a question for you. What would be different in your life if you didn’t have a fear of rejection? What opportunities would be able to take hold of? Would it increase your quality of life? Your connection with people?

I issue you a challenge. For 7 days, ask a total stranger a question that is likely to lead to a rejection.

Does that sound crazy?

Does it work?

I did this exact challenge (Created by Jia Jiang) about a year ago because I was afraid of rejection. It was holding me back from asking people little things and I was taking any small social rejection way harder than I needed to. It had an unnecessary hold on my life.

After my first question in Walmart, the next day was a lot easier. I asked in a store if they would give me a free cake for my upcoming birthday. The answer was no. But I felt good about it.

A week later, after asking strangers to build paper airplanes with me, asking for a tour of a food delivery truck, asking if Best Buy sold real light sabers yet, and other stupid questions, I felt great. It didn’t take as much effort for me to ask someone something like this. I still notice the effects of this experiment to this day. Rejection doesn’t have a strong hold on my life anymore.

It helped facilitate my self-confidence. When you don’t fear rejection, approval from other people isn’t the only thing you are thinking about. This allows you to go further in life doing the things that you care about doing.

I challenge you to try it. It’s just 7 days. Or, if you are up for a real challenge, you could go all out like Jia Jiang did and do 100 days. Either way, I would recommend his book to you. It’s a quick and inspiring read.

Don’t give rejection any power over your life. This challenge will likely be tough. It definitely was for me. But it will also teach you so much.

The fear of rejection holds so many back. Are you going to let it stop you?

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