There’s Beauty in Everything. You Just Have to Look.

Rain drips softly down the window pane, echoing against the hard concrete below. It falls into oblivion as easily as every other rain drop that has ever existed, joining the slick surface and becoming one with thousands of others.

Lost in an instant. In a second it is no longer a drop but a whole.

What if you were to stop it a milisecond away from the earth? Stop it there, hovering, quivering, an inch above the ground. If you can do that, you can stop time.

Time binds everything we know.

Meetings, bus schedules, lunches, football, work schedules, babyshowers, people, rush hour, coffee, the list goes on.

Life, death, aging, wrinkling, living, breathing, seeing, feeling, knowing.

It all ticks away on a clock.

Inevitably, we all will fall into oblivion.

But that raindrop. Suspend it in time and it is infinitely beautiful. But is it really? Or is the beauty of a raindrop only there because it only lasts for a second before another replaces it?

At times I think to myself that creation is merely a way to escape the chains of time. Lost in the strokes of a paintbrush. Infinity found while photographing an illusive animal. Finding yourself in a character that you created but seems to breathe on its own. Time ceases to exist in these moments. Like someone suddenly pushed the pause button, leaving you limitless.

But other times I think that time enhances and beautifies creativity. The whisper of a humming bird’s wings as it whisks past. The brush of a playing child’s hand. The glance of an intriguing stranger. These things are fleeting. That’s what makes them beatiful.

Maybe this inspiration is misplaced. Maybe these words are just that – words. Maybe it’s all just a contradiction that doesn’t matter at all.

But after all this, maybe I’m just trying to say one simple thing in a convoluted and much too long way; find the beauty in everything.

It’s there. Intensly vivid and shockingly bold and sometimes only there for a split second in a burst of inspiration. You just have to look.

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