A Reflection on My Month of Writing Every Day

This is it. My last day of blogging every day for 30 days. It’s bittersweet.

I wrote for 30 days, starting the 2nd of January and finishing with this post. I skipped one day towards the beginning, but I still hit the ‘publish’ button every day for 26 days in a row with a new piece of content.

This is the visualization of my writing since I started this blog at the beginning of December. I have to admit, that’s pretty satisfying.

To begin with, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to manage to come with a new idea every day. To combat this, I made a list of about twenty ideas to write about in the second week. But as the month went on, I worried about this less and less. Oddly enough, I ended up writing about only four or five of the ideas on my list.

For the first week and a half, I felt like something was slightly off. Maybe it was that I was writing to produce and not to perfection. Maybe it was that I didn’t have the energy to put a ton of thought into each day’s post. Or maybe it was just me slapping my perfectionism in the face.

Then, around the end of the second week, something clicked. Everything was flowing nicely and I started feeling good about it.

That lasted for four or five days. The next week was really tough. Worse than the first week. It seemed like every day I was staring at the page for at least an hour not being able to write.

The last several days were easy. I had ideas. The habit was strongly in place. Because of this, I now had the ability to put more thought into my writing.

Overall, I gained so much.

I learned that I can pull content out of myself even when I think it’s impossible.

I wrote a few articles that I am proud of.

But there will also always be things that I create that I won’t be proud of. And I learned that it’s okay, as long as it goes hand in hand with improvement and learning.

I learned that habits are powerful.

Most importantly, I finished strong.

I regret none of it.

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