Note to Myself: Realign and Realign Yourself Again.

Realign to learn.

Realign to grow.

Realign yourself without attachment to your old self.

Realign to nourish yourself and your soul.

Realign in defiance of culture if necessary, but not with the goal of defiance.

Realign to love what you do.

Realign yourself without guilt.

Realign to inspire and transport others.

Realign towards authenticity and kindness.

Realign with grace.

Realign yourself with balance and dignity and respect.

Realign yourself because of you. Not because of anyone else.

Realign towards the hard scary things but not just because they are hard and scary.

Realign while embracing imperfection and making it beautiful.

Realign yourself relentlessly and tirelessly.

And never stop.

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