9 Things I Learned in the First 9 Months of Living on My Own

I’m back in Colorado. It’s been about nine months since I moved to Atlanta to live on my own for the first time and this is my first time coming back for a visit.

It’s odd. Things seem a bit smaller than when I left, but the people are still amazing (not to mention the mountains).

A lot has changed and I’ve learned so much, but here are the nine biggest things that I’ve learned.

1. It’s a process. Nothing is linear.

2. Being like everyone else isn’t interesting. But it’s dangerously comfortable.

2. Inspiring people nourish the soul.

3. Happiness is routed in your mindset.

4. There’s no ‘right way’ to live your life. So don’t listen to anyone who thinks their way should be yours.

5. Don’t over complicate what isn’t complicated.

6. Resilience makes things a lot easier.

7. Experimentation without self judgement is essential to growth.

8. Do things before you think you are ready.

9. Everyone is making it up as they go and that’s what makes life beautiful.

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