Life Hack: Keep a Hammer in Your Car

Warning: What you are about to read is written from the perspective of a person who knows basically nothing about cars and shouldn’t be trusted with fixing one.


It was a hot Sunday afternoon back in July or August, and I was driving around with my window all the way down because my AC had broken before summer hit. I was just arriving home when I tried to roll up my window. It didn’t budge.

I tried pushing the button again. Nothing.

Twenty minutes later, I had taken the inside door panel off and was trying to push it up manually without any success. So I turned to the internet.

After a bit of research, I diagnosed the problem as a dead motor. Not a super cheap fix.

I kept digging. One suggestion that came up in some random internet forum was using a hammer to bang on the motor. Why not?

It fixed the problem. And my window hasn’t gotten stuck since.


Today, the key to my family’s car wouldn’t turn in the ignition. After consulting with a few mechanic friends who told us to jiggle the steering wheel and try again, we thought we were going to have to get it towed and get the starter replaced.

But, the internet came to the rescue again. Multiple people on YouTube suggested to hit the key with a hammer to jostle the tumblers in the ignition. We did. Sure enough, the key turned.

After hearing these two stories, you should be convinced (based on sound scientific evidence) that hammers are magic and that you should always carry one in your car. You’re welcome.

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