Reflection is Important for Wellbeing

I’m always struck at how much my general internal wellbeing suffers when I don’t have time alone to think my own thoughts in peace. It effects my mood, my choices, how I interact with people, and my productivity.

Being an introvert probably has a lot to do with this, but I also think it’s critical to the happiness of any human to have time alone to simply think and reflect.

It doesn’t even particularly mean that this thought has to be structured or follow specific patterns or mental checklists. For me, it’s simply allowing myself to fully digest events and new ideas without expectation being outwardly productive.

Having times where I simply think keeps me in touch with my goals and makes me a better person. I find myself contemplating the person I want to become and how to get get closer to being that person when I have a good balance of action and reflection every day. It’s aligning myself with myself.

Without this time however, I find myself loosing touch with the reasons why I do things and I find that my thoughts are much shallower, more circular, and aren’t productive in general.

Which is why I’ve taken a break from visiting friends and family this evening and allowed myself to simply reflect.


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