30 Days of Video-making: The Story of an Amateur

There’s an art to creating a video from start to finish. From filming clips, choosing the music, recording a voice over, to piecing it all together into a cohesive unit. I’ve never thought about how time intensive something like a movie is to create. Even from making this short, clearly amateur video, I realized that there’s more that goes into making videos than I’ve ever thought about before.

Here’s the finished video:

Week one, I focused on filming the scenes I used in the final video and playing around with what Adobe Premier can do. Cutting together footage isn’t that difficult once you know your way around the program you are using. While filming the clips, I wasn’t quite sure of the story I wanted to tell, but I did have ideas of some things to film. Cutting the clips I ended up with for the parts that were worth saving was more time consuming than I expected (especially since this is the first time I’ve used the film function on my camera).

Week two, I learned about color grading (mostly by watching a lot of YouTube videos). I didn’t end up using a lot of this knowledge for the final video because I was happy with the colors in the clips that I filmed, but I did play around with the presets a bit. A lot of it is similar to the controls in Photoshop and Lightroom and built on the skills I learned in Month 1.

This week I also wrote and recorded the voice over. Since the best microphone I have access to is the one on my phone, I had to do a little bit of work in Audacity to make the sound as good as it could be considering the starting audio quality. This was also new to me and involved several YouTube tutorials 🙂

Week three, I really started to look for music. I did have a song that inspired my voice over, but the song had vocals that were distracting from what I was trying to say. I have to admit, this part was one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me. Since the sound is incredibly important to the way a video is cut, I couldn’t do anything more without having a song to work with. I listened to so many tracks that weren’t what I was looking for. Finally, I accidentally stumbled across one that jumped out to me. One I had the song, I began to integrate it with the voice over making sure they fit well together.

Week four was where I spent most of my time. Finding the right combination of clips that (somewhat) fit together to tell the story I wanted to tell took a while. This is definitely an area that takes skill to do seamlessly so the cuts flow well and don’t distract from the overall message.

Things I would have done differently

The next time I embark on a video project, I will have an idea of the story I want to tell and the music I will use before I start to film and gather the clips. A storyboard would have been helpful and would have cut down the editing time drastically.

While editing, I also found myself wishing that I had more of a variety of clips to work with, though I thought I had enough for what I was doing. Definitely a lesson for the future – you need more than you think you do!

Video editing is definitely an art. I thoroughly enjoyed dipping my toes into the process and I’m excited to delve further into video making in the future.

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