My Six Month Project | Part 2 Wrap Up: The Story of an Amateur

There’s an art to creating a video from start to finish. From filming clips, choosing the music, recording a voice over, to piecing it all together into a cohesive unit. I’ve never thought about how time intensive something like a movie is to create. Even from making this short, clearly amateur video, I realized that there’s more that goes into making videos than I’ve ever thought about before. Here’s the finished video: Week one, I focused on filming the scenes

My Six Month Project | Part 2: Video Editing

What makes a good video? What makes a video interesting and engaging? What’s the difference between a video that grips you until the end and one that you click away from before it’s over? It’s been a month. I’ve taken an intentional hiatus from my 6 month project to deal with a lot of new work challenges. But now that I’m back, I’m excited to get started with month two. This month’s project is video editing. I’m a very visual

My Six Month Project | Month 1 Photography Wrap Up

Today marks the end of my photography challenge to take, edit, and post a picture every day for 30 days. I’ll be honest. It was both easier and harder than I was expecting. But either way, I learned so much. There were many days where I lost track of time taking pictures and exploring some new places in Atlanta. But there were also many days where I didn’t want to take a picture but had to anyway. There were days

My Six Month Project | Part 1: Photography

I’ve come to a realization. I waste a lot of time. I have a lot of things to do, but I often find myself with downtime that I spend mindlessly. It’s become a habit and doesn’t leave me feeling refreshed or inspired. There’s so much potential to do cool things that I waste out of habit. This is the biggest part of my life that I want to change at the moment. I also have a lot of things I’d

The Nature Fix: Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed you are after spending some time in nature? People have been drawn to nature for hundreds of years. William Wordsworth was known to take long walks in nature for inspiration. Beethoven once wrote, “How happy I am to be able to wander among bushes and herbs, under trees and over rocks; no man can love the country as I love it. Woods, trees and rocks send back the echo that man desires.”

Cringing is Part of Creating

Whenever I look back at my old writing or designs, I always find a lot of it cringe worthy. It’s not a very pleasant feeling. When I was younger this discouraged me from creating new things. After all, if you know you’re going to dislike what you create today in the future, why do it? But that’s changed. Now I hope that I do look back on my current work and cringe. Because that means that I will have grown

Reflection is Important for Wellbeing

I’m always struck at how much my general internal wellbeing suffers when I don’t have time alone to think my own thoughts in peace. It effects my mood, my choices, how I interact with people, and my productivity. Being an introvert probably has a lot to do with this, but I also think it’s critical to the happiness of any human to have time alone to simply think and reflect. It doesn’t even particularly mean that this thought has to

Life Hack: Keep a Hammer in Your Car

Warning: What you are about to read is written from the perspective of a person who knows basically nothing about cars and shouldn’t be trusted with fixing one. —– It was a hot Sunday afternoon back in July or August, and I was driving around with my window all the way down because my AC had broken before summer hit. I was just arriving home when I tried to roll up my window. It didn’t budge. I tried pushing the

9 Things I Learned in the First 9 Months of Living on My Own

I’m back in Colorado. It’s been about nine months since I moved to Atlanta to live on my own for the first time and this is my first time coming back for a visit. It’s odd. Things seem a bit smaller than when I left, but the people are still amazing (not to mention the mountains). A lot has changed and I’ve learned so much, but here are the nine biggest things that I’ve learned. 1. It’s a process. Nothing