Don’t Ask the Career Question

For so long, there’s been this part of me that says no to every new creative pursuit that I want to try. And for the longest time I couldn’t put a finger on it. I’ll get excited about the possibility of jumping into a new form of creative expression like cinematography or dancing and something inside me will stop, second guess myself, and convince me that it’s too much work and that there’s not much point to it anyway. I

“I Miss Molly” – A Story Found in Graffiti

This graffiti appeared overnight at an intersection that I stop at most mornings. It’s a busy four way stop intersection that many dozens of cars pass through each day. Across the street, a similar message is sprawled in the same blue spray paint across the fence surrounding a construction site. And under a bridge on a freshly painted concrete wall only a few dozen feet away from the first. Then on a road sign. And again on a wall. All

I Tried Matcha Green Tea for 30 Days

I have a confession to make. I don’t like tea. I never have. But I keep running across a lot of fascinating sciency stuff about the health benefits — especially a specific type called matcha green tea.  Everyone knows green tea is good for you. But one cup of matcha is said to be the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of green tea. This is partially because instead of steeping it then throwing away the nutrient rich leaves like normal

Note to Myself: Realign and Realign Yourself Again.

Realign to learn. Realign to grow. Realign yourself without attachment to your old self. Realign to nourish yourself and your soul. Realign in defiance of culture if necessary, but not with the goal of defiance. Realign to love what you do. Realign yourself without guilt. Realign to inspire and transport others. Realign towards authenticity and kindness. Realign with grace. Realign yourself with balance and dignity and respect. Realign yourself because of you. Not because of anyone else. Realign towards the

That Time When I Tried to Start an Ecommerce Store in 5 Hours

Right now, I run an ecommerce store that I started about six months ago. It provides me with a little bit of extra income, but more importantly serves as an incredibly effective way to learn Facebook ads, marketing strategy, copywriting, and ad design. Recently, I had an idea for a completely different product niche that would allow me to branch out and learn how to sell a completely different product and market to a completely different demographic. I’ve been planning

What to Do When You Are Irrevocably Stuck Creating Something

I love creating. But sometimes I get stuck. And not the calm “oh, I’m stuck so I just need a break” kind of stuck. I’m talking about its violent sister “I’m REALLY tired of this project and I wish I had never started it and I want to kill something right now” kind of stuck. Relate? You’re in the right place. About 3 years ago I started designing book covers for aspiring authors. Nothing official, my purpose was just to

A Reflection on My Month of Writing Every Day

This is it. My last day of blogging every day for 30 days. It’s bittersweet. I wrote for 30 days, starting the 2nd of January and finishing with this post. I skipped one day towards the beginning, but I still hit the ‘publish’ button every day for 26 days in a row with a new piece of content. This is the visualization of my writing since I started this blog at the beginning of December. I have to admit, that’s

The Next 30 Days: Whole30

This is it. I’m committing in writing. For the next 30 days starting tomorrow, I’m going to be eating a lot of meat, and rabbit food. Okay, maybe not exactly rabbit food, but lots of vegetables. I’ll be doing the Whole30 challenge. To sum it up, I won’t be eating sugar, dairy, grains, or legumes. Why? I want to see what it does for my energy levels and performance. My body might not react well to dairy. I wouldn’t know

There’s Beauty in Everything. You Just Have to Look.

Rain drips softly down the window pane, echoing against the hard concrete below. It falls into oblivion as easily as every other rain drop that has ever existed, joining the slick surface and becoming one with thousands of others. Lost in an instant. In a second it is no longer a drop but a whole. What if you were to stop it a milisecond away from the earth? Stop it there, hovering, quivering, an inch above the ground. If you