The Five Best Free Infographic Makers TESTED

Welcome to a brief and to the point compilation and ranking of the websites used in my recent infographic project. Just to sum it up, I made five infographics in a week using a different free online service and reviewed them. All of these websites were consistently in  compilation articles on the subject that I found with a bit of research. I will include a link to the (slightly) more in-depth post that I wrote that particular day. After trying

How to Google Like A Boss – Infographic #5

It’s the last one! I used to create this. A little bit of a different format here, but it shook things up a bit. I was excited to try this website as is was consistently in top ten lists of free infographic makers. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed at all. This was with no doubt number five on my list. First of all, there were only a slim handful of decent templates available. The rest were not that great

Apple vs. Android – Infographic #4

This one was super fun to make and is probably my favorite so far. I also used a joy of a website to create it – called Venngage. It was easily number one on the list – except for one glaring issue that I’ll get to a bit later. The first and best are where this website excels is it’s user interface. It’s smooth, responsive, consistent, and easy on the eyes. There are a lot of free elements that you

The Stingray and Why We Should Worry – Infographic #3

  This time, the free design website that I used was called Visme. I wasn’t too impressed with this service, so it goes number three on my list, closely behind Canva. They do have a decent array of templates and a pretty good amount of free elements that are available, but the user interface felt a bit clunky throughout. For example, for certain images/elements, you are stuck with a locked aspect ratio for resizing them. If you want to stretch

The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Memes – Infographic #2

  Infographic 2 out of 5 done. This particular one was very fun for me to make because of the content, though it was hard to narrow it down. I’m finding that to be a common theme so far. Even though this is only my second time making an infographic, I’ve already found that I always want to put a lot more content in than fits and looks nice. I used Canva to create this infographic and I must say

YOUR BRAIN ON STORY – Infographic #1

  This is my first infographic. I enjoyed making it and used the free service Piktochart to create it. The user interface was quite nice and easy to figure out. At the beginning, it has a simple instruction page that layers over everything and as you go, it gives some more helpful hints. One thing I liked about it was the guides to help you align your elements as you move them around. It also seems to have a fairly

My Project of the Week

This week, I am taking on a challenge. Officially, it’s a week long portfolio project for Praxis, but to me it’s an excuse (or maybe a kick in the pants) to create something that I’ve always enjoyed consuming. I will be creating five infographics over the next week, exploring a few of my interests as topics and maybe taking on some fun ones as well. Why have I decided on this particular project? Well, after brainstorming some projects, I realized