Want More Good Ideas? Read More Books

We’ve all heard that we should read more books. It’s true. Books are good for critical thinking and logic. They are good for your concentration. And they are essential for producing ideas. I tend to read in cycles. I’ll read a lot of books for a month or two. Then, for the next several months I’ll barely read any. I don’t know why this is, but it has made me notice something interesting about the production of ideas. I have

Your Posture Changes the Way You Think

What if I told you that you can change the hormones in your brain and improve your mood, all in the time it takes to heat your food up in the microwave? All you have to do is change your posture. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. Emotions Several studies by Dr. Erik Peper of San Francisco State University have proven that your posture changes your emotions. In one of his studies, Peper asked test subjects to walk down a

The Psychology of Your Grocery Store

I work in a grocery store. Every week, I alternate between two different stores, occasionally visiting a couple other ones as needed. In the past few months working this job, I’ve noticed some interesting psychological tactics in use to get people to spend more money. But first, you need to know what I do. My official title is “Retail Reset Merchandiser”. It sounds really vague but I basically move product around all day. Most of the time, this is either