Cringing is Part of Creating

Whenever I look back at my old writing or designs, I always find a lot of it cringe worthy. It’s not a very pleasant feeling. When I was younger this discouraged me from creating new things. After all, if you know you’re going to dislike what you create today in the future, why do it? But that’s changed. Now I hope that I do look back on my current work and cringe. Because that means that I will have grown

9 Things I Learned in the First 9 Months of Living on My Own

I’m back in Colorado. It’s been about nine months since I moved to Atlanta to live on my own for the first time and this is my first time coming back for a visit. It’s odd. Things seem a bit smaller than when I left, but the people are still amazing (not to mention the mountains). A lot has changed and I’ve learned so much, but here are the nine biggest things that I’ve learned. 1. It’s a process. Nothing

What Makes a Good Email List? (Plus a few recommendations)

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating email lists and how to use them to their fullest potential. Used correctly, email lists can be an incredibly powerful tool – but they can also damage your brand or business if done wrong. Since it’s important to look at anything you create from the standpoint of your consumer, I started thinking about the way I consume information via email lists. I’ll be honest. I unsubscribe from most of the emails I

Don’t Ask the Career Question

For so long, there’s been this part of me that says no to every new creative pursuit that I want to try. And for the longest time I couldn’t put a finger on it. I’ll get excited about the possibility of jumping into a new form of creative expression like cinematography or dancing and something inside me will stop, second guess myself, and convince me that it’s too much work and that there’s not much point to it anyway. I

Note to Myself: Realign and Realign Yourself Again.

Realign to learn. Realign to grow. Realign yourself without attachment to your old self. Realign to nourish yourself and your soul. Realign in defiance of culture if necessary, but not with the goal of defiance. Realign to love what you do. Realign yourself without guilt. Realign to inspire and transport others. Realign towards authenticity and kindness. Realign with grace. Realign yourself with balance and dignity and respect. Realign yourself because of you. Not because of anyone else. Realign towards the

What to Do When You Are Irrevocably Stuck Creating Something

I love creating. But sometimes I get stuck. And not the calm “oh, I’m stuck so I just need a break” kind of stuck. I’m talking about its violent sister “I’m REALLY tired of this project and I wish I had never started it and I want to kill something right now” kind of stuck. Relate? You’re in the right place. About 3 years ago I started designing book covers for aspiring authors. Nothing official, my purpose was just to