There’s Beauty in Everything. You Just Have to Look.

Rain drips softly down the window pane, echoing against the hard concrete below. It falls into oblivion as easily as every other rain drop that has ever existed, joining the slick surface and becoming one with thousands of others. Lost in an instant. In a second it is no longer a drop but a whole. What if you were to stop it a milisecond away from the earth? Stop it there, hovering, quivering, an inch above the ground. If you

How to Tell a Good Story: BE INTERESTING

Ever heard a story that pulled you to the edge of your seat, riveted until the end? What about one that was so powerful that it changed the way you think or even your life? In yesterday’s post, I went over how stories are important to communication effectively. But in order to truly be effective, you have to tell stories that draw people’s attention. You have to tell good stories. Let me show you. I had a great conversation today

Want To Be An Effective Communicator? Tell Stories.

Today, I judged at a speech tournament for the first time since graduating from 6 years of the activity. The two rounds that I judged consisted of seven different ten-minute speeches on topics of the student’s choosing. Besides having some serious nostalgia, I noticed the effect of something that I learned while in speech. The best speakers told stories. I’ve done an infographic on this subject here, but it’s always interesting to see the science play out in the way

Just Jump: Doing Uncomfortable Creative Things is Good For You

Today, I fell into a pretty scary hole. I started going through a folder of some of my old writing. I was having a serious cringe attack. I’m talking like a full blown I can’t believe I actually did that cringe attack. I do this quite a lot when I look at my old work, whether it’s writing or a video that I made, or design work. It was good work at the time. But now… Not so much. It’s just

Why Sleep is Important: An Accidental Personal Experiment

I have always been one of those people who need more than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. It takes about nine and a half to ten hours for me to feel the best. Much more or less than that is a tried and true recipe with results of tiredness (bet you didn’t see that one coming), moodiness, cloudy thinking, and missing things right in front of my face. Right now, I am struggling to stay awake. And

Lifehack: Get More Sun

Three-quarters of the American population have a deficit in Vitamin D. This essential vitamin is provided most effectively and naturally through exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, there’s a problem here. This widespread lack of sunlight is a detriment to our health in more ways than one. Immediate benefits It’s no secret that there are higher rates of depression in cities with fewer days of sunlight. I sometimes find myself in a bad mood, but then step foot outside on a

Live in the Moment

You’ve heard it a million times. If you are anything like me, you’ve probably consciously tried it for a few hours, at most maybe a day. But you need to hear it again. Because it’s important. So here it is. Live in the moment.   If you live in a past dream, you don’t enjoy what is happening right now because you will always wish it to be different than it is. There is no time to miss anyone or

The Best Way to Lead: Find Your ‘Why’

Martin Luther King Jr. Apple. The Wright Brothers. Why was it Martin Luther King who inspired the Civil Rights Movement? It could have been a hundred other men who were discriminated against. Why is Apple more than just a successful computer company? Why do they have such loyal consumers when other companies are just as qualified to make computers as they are? Why did the Wright Brothers succeed in the first man-powered flight when other, better-funded teams were also in


Failure is a harsh word. It’s a harsh concept. Don’t even start it. That business idea isn’t worth it. 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. You started this project six months ago. It’s not working. It’s a failure. You should just give up now before you loose even more money. Your book has been rejected twice now. No one is going to publish it. Did you know that Thomas Edison failed over one thousand times before finally